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Passion for fly fishing

Like a river was born from the desire of four friends with a great passion for fly fishing and a love for traveling around the world thanks to this fishing technique. From this passion was born the project of a store dedicated entirely to fly fishing and its lifestyle, offering to the fisher products, experiences, and the chance to share the love for fly fishing.

From the sale of a few products of clothing, we have moved to run one of the largest stores in Italy, all accompanied by real fly fishing experiences around the world regularly updated!

Like a River – The Store

Store of 300sqm of fly fishing and technical clothing, with an external pool of 18 meters for testing rods and lines; a real paradise for fly fishers!

A large store where the customer finds a wide range of high-quality products and services, travel experiences, movies, and exciting photo reports.

It is a welcoming environment where passion and lifestyle are the same.

What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a fishing technique where you use imitations of creatures of which the fish feeds; it often happens to use fish or insects made of specific natural or synthetic materials.

It is a very environmentally friendly fishing technique aimed at NO – KILL, which means the immediate release of the fish after catching it.

It is considered a “definitive” fishing technique, once you approach this type of fishing, you don’t go back!

Why fly fishing?

Often fly fishing is preferred to other fishing techniques for the great fun both in the approach to the fish and during the fight; you are the one who directly manage the fish through the fly line and of course the rod.

Thanks to fly fishing you can enjoy real paradises, ranging from fishing in small streams, alpine lakes, large rivers, and seas.

All this can be completed with the self-tying of baits to undermine the fishes.

The online store

We sell fly fishing equipment such as rods, lines, reels, and tying materials, as well as technical clothing for fly fishing and not only.

For several years we have been selling prestigious brands such as Hardy, Winston, Bauer, Guideline, Douglas, Tiemco, Simms, Patagonia, and many others. We are manufacturers of the tying thread Giorgio Benecchi GBP.

A quality outlet

Our Outlet offers the fly fishers, both beginners and experts, an ample department of tying materials and end-of-series equipment at very competitive prices.

The excellent quality of the products present (GBP Giorgio Benecchi Products) makes it a real reference point for many customers!

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